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A Country Festival In Rimet, Romania

Festival at Rimet

Travelling to Rîmeţ from our hotel in Aiud took first through the town on a fairly decent road out into the countryside. After only a few miles the road narrowed and became a rough unmetalled road with many ruts and pot-holes. It wound its way up through trees where people foraged for mushrooms, through cultivated […]
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Kato Drys

Cultral Heritage Interpretation and Sustainable – Tourism Kato Drys Village Council – Cyprus 19th – 25th April 2014   Mountain Villages Drawing on Rich Culture to Offer Sustainable Tourism The village of Kato Drys has become well known, through television, for traditional and sustainable Food

Cyprus occupies a strategic geographical position and was […]
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Turkish report by Alison Rae


“We were lucky enough to meet some very inspirational women, including some involved in projects to empower women (mainly housewives) both socially and economically. We visited a silk and embroidery cooperative in Gaziantep where members were using the building as both a workshop and a shop – producing and selling valuable hand-made crafts…”

Southeastern […]
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Estonia Report by Sharon Gunason

“Muhu—“Island where time rests”

Caithness, the rural part of Scotland where I live, though not an island, is often seen as just a place people drive through on their way to catch the ferry to the Orkney Islands. Muhu, our guide explains, is often overlooked by those heading to the larger, adjacent island of Saarema. […]
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Milking Time

On day 1 we stopped in Ciclova Romana and Manuela went to collect sheep’s cheese. It was as if we’ve stepped back in time: green grass transported by horse drawn cart, hens pecking about, a cock crowing and the smell of mown hay and dung. When I went to primary school in the early 60s we passed a field with the last working horse; all farms had tractors by then. We hardly saw farm machinery in this part of Romania. Ten yards after the village of Ciclova Romana ends Ciclova Montana begins. We stayed there in a village house, within walking distance of forests, meadows and the Cheile Nerei-Beusnita National Park. We tried local produce and experienced some rhythms of village life, as we ate our first meal we heard bells from cows being driven home for milking. One day the water pump broke and we brought in water from the well in the garden and used the toilet there which emptied into the river rushing past. […]
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Romania’s Rural Heritage Tourism

Cultural Heritage Interpretation and Sustainable Tourism

Tess MacLean

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