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Festivals for Informal Learning in Europe (FILE)

The people of the local communities were smartly dressed in their traditional black and white, embroidered costumes. Many of the menfolk wore splendid hats – some wore the traditional black Astrakhan hat, others a type of bowler hat and many others a trilby. Each commune’s tent was decorated inside with local crafts, furniture, produce and wonderfully vibrant woven fabrics. […]
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Cyprus Jill de Fesnes


“Discussion took place about how this type of activity could be promoted – both in Cyprus and back home in Scotland, if foraging walks or mountain biking trails could be advertised either as written texts, mobile phone applications – or as guided tours, with descriptions of the local environment, plants and wildlife incorporated into them. […]
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Heritage Tourism in Cyprus 2014 – Archie Waters

Lace making

Encouraging property developers to provide such high quality accommodation is a deliberate policy with the Community Council so as to encourage visitors to stay in the village proper. This formed part of a strategy to create a ‘critical mass’ in terms of population – both transient and resident. At the time of visiting, the village had no local shop and all groceries had to be brought in by personal transport from other locations. Previous attempts had been made to establish a local shop, but the effects of recession and the austerity measures applied to deal with it made it difficult for local people to meet the cost of renting small business premises. Therefore, to ensure the sustainability and growth of the village an effective increase in the population needs to be achieved in order to allow new shops and businesses to be effective and sustainable within the community. […]
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