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A Country Festival In Rimet, Romania

Festival at Rimet

Travelling to Rîmeţ from our hotel in Aiud took first through the town on a fairly decent road out into the countryside. After only a few miles the road narrowed and became a rough unmetalled road with many ruts and pot-holes. It wound its way up through trees where people foraged for mushrooms, through cultivated […]
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Cyprus Jill de Fesnes


“Discussion took place about how this type of activity could be promoted – both in Cyprus and back home in Scotland, if foraging walks or mountain biking trails could be advertised either as written texts, mobile phone applications – or as guided tours, with descriptions of the local environment, plants and wildlife incorporated into them. […]
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Maramures - Romania 2013


“As an archaeologist in Scotland it’s rare for a craft undertaken in modern society that can transport you so directly into the past, which is what I experienced when we visited the pottery in Sacel. The area was typical of many Romanian villages/towns, a mix of traditional wooden construction and modern breezeblock buildings. As with […]
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Turkish report by Alison Rae


“We were lucky enough to meet some very inspirational women, including some involved in projects to empower women (mainly housewives) both socially and economically. We visited a silk and embroidery cooperative in Gaziantep where members were using the building as both a workshop and a shop – producing and selling valuable hand-made crafts…”

Southeastern […]
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Handicraft and Innovation by Alyne Jones Estonia 2011


Innovation and Cultural Heritage Interpretation in Estonia

Handicraft and Innovation

22-29 August 2011

The first impression of Estonia in daylight, travelling from the Capital city of Talinn to the Western Island of Muhu and onward to Saaremaa was how flat the country was. Forests and woods dominated and habitation was only hinted at by […]
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