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Festivals for Informal Learning in Europe (FILE)

The people of the local communities were smartly dressed in their traditional black and white, embroidered costumes. Many of the menfolk wore splendid hats – some wore the traditional black Astrakhan hat, others a type of bowler hat and many others a trilby. Each commune’s tent was decorated inside with local crafts, furniture, produce and wonderfully vibrant woven fabrics. […]
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CHIST Estonia Report by Olive Brown


The rest of the day was spent at Tihuse Horse Farm where they have about 300 horses as well as cattle and sheep. We went for a drive though the forest in two pony traps to a sacred boulder where Martin Kivoso explained the myths connected with the boulder, making each of us tap it and make a wish, before walking round it – a challenge for those of us with a Church of Scotland background! The (LEADER funded) restaurant is a really beautiful new building with, amazingly, a huge tree built into the centre of the main room. As a place to spend a holiday it was most inviting, with masses of information about the lore of the forest displayed on the walls. It wasn’t just a holiday place however as “real” farm life was going on. Martin’s two sons were to be up early next day to drive forty Herefords across Muhu to a small island with of course, the usual extensive EU paperwork to take away from the romantic idea of traditional cattle droving […]
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