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Shared Experiences from Nature Exchange

Hi Libby, Just back from Arran after Latvia and  want to say a big thank you for all your amazing organisation for what was a  wonderful trip. There was nothing to fault apart from not enough room in my bag  for all the things I wanted to bring back and the extra inches round my middle!!  It was the most spectacular environmental, cultural, historical,  architectural, gastronomical experience of my life! The company was great  we all got on so well and Janis is a darling. My best memory – sitting  round a groaning table with a head forester, head of WWF, a hunter, head of  mammals, head of SFS transport and all of us eating perch pike soup with black  bread followed by minced moose in wild mushroom sauce with steaming buttery  potatoes and salads followed by huge smoked carp all in candlelight as there was  a powercut and playing drinking games with black balsam, then going out in the  dark and rain to the sauna to be beaten with birch leaves and then rolling in  the wet grass and lying looking at the stars. bliss!  
The berries glistening on the blanket bog, the  haunting call of  a ‘sexually disturbed’ moose (Janis’s words) the  excitment of finding wolf scats and disecting them, the Soviet hunting lodges,  the amazing stillness and quiet of the forest and the lovely generous people  will all stay with me for a long time.
Thanks you again Joolsx