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Destination Romania

Romanian forests – a multi-functional resource delivering nature conservation outcomes

Day 1 ( Monday)

Arrival at Cluj Napoca, transfer to Alba Iulia. Dinner and discussions about the week ahead.

Day 2  ( Tuesday) 

Meet with the Forestry Department of Alba County –  discuss their objectives, focus on nature conservation.  Drive along the Mures river to an ancient wood pasture near Homorod  village . Picnic lunch in the pasture.  Tour of wood pasture and discussion of future conservation plan.
Overnight Orastie.

Ancient poplars in the Homorod wood pasture

Ancient poplars in the Homorod wood pasture

Day 3  ( Wednesday) 

Visit the forest research station and dendrological park in Simeria. Hear about their biotechnology and clonal programme for the protection of Romanian forest species. Picnic lunch in the park. Drive into the Apuseni Mountains, we will stop to see some stupendous vistas and discuss the relationship between forest & pasture.
Overnight Albac.

Cutting spruce to make alpenhorns

Cutting spruce to make alpenhorns

Day 4  ( Thursday) 

Drive up through pastures and forest to visit Traian and his family. They are farmers, forest owners and woodworkers. They keep cattle in the high pasture and manage small woodlots of beech and spruce. They  literally ‘ live of   the landscape’ –  making wooden utensils and alpenhorns. Lunch in the orchard by the house. We will walk in hay meadows and forest and discuss how biodiversity is maintained by local working people.
Overnight Albac. 


Day 5  ( Friday) 

Stay in   the Apuseni Mountains , traveling to a more remote area around Horea. Meet a local forestry entrepreneur and see a programme of building wooden houses for tourism. We may also see horse logging and we will visit a family sawmill. We have a traditional dinner in a mountain farm.
Overnight Albac. 

Family sawmill set in landscape near Horea

Family sawmill set in a stupendous landscape near Horea


Day 6  ( Saturday)   

We transfer to Girboviţa  and visit a traditional family farm. There we see cooking with wood and eat a ‘sustainable lunch’.  In the afternoon visit a local forester, see  oak forests and  look at measures (including building wattle fences) to keep wild pigs out of sweet corn and potato fields.

Fence without wire

Fence without wire

Day 7  ( Sunday)

Departure to Cluj