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Slovenia Joint Report Nature Exchange 2013

Title and Author

Introduction and Report by Richard Thompson

Cycling Tourism Potential in Southern Slovenia By Craig Robb

Dr Jennifer Carfrae, 1st August 2013 33

Wildlife Tourism in Slovenia – an unrealised opportunity?

John Hooson

Wildlife watching in Slovenia

Jonathan Pinnick, Scottish Wildlife Trust)

Communities, wilderness, nature and potential […]
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Nature Exchange Norway Joint Report 2013

Our host was Marius Kjonsberg. He played an active role in wildlife management and was a keen hunter. He was very informed, knowledgeable and interested in how we did things in Scotland. Our other guide, Floris, had an intimate knowledge of and passion for the wildlife of Norway and was a very talented and enthusiastic guide and photographer. We are very grateful to both for their energy, commitment, knowledge, enthusiasm and sense of fun. We were given talks by other students and staff based at Evenstad to whom we are also grateful. […]
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Finland Joint Report NE10 2013


The Nature Exchange provided us with an opportunity to see first hand the management effort applied in various forests to create a diversity of habitats and encourage a wide variety of species. It also demonstrated the variety of access options to the countryside. The species and the evidence of same that we encountered […]
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Latvia Joint Report 2013

Bog Rosemary

At first glance, Latvia is a land of forests and woodlands – some natural, pristine and undisturbed, while others are expertly managed for the benefit of biodiversity, access, recreation and timber production. Interspersed among the forests are many farms and homesteads, managing the land in a welcome low-intensive way and many with their own special […]
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