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Wildlife Watching Highland Walk by Nick Lindsay

Clyne Group measuring out the hut circle

“The rich and varied layers of interacting archaeological settings, combined with the abundant flora and fauna at Grudie, make for one of the most spectacular and rewarding landscapes to be found anywhere in the Highlands.” Nick Lindsay.



In May 2011 Nick Lindsay organised a guided walk on behalf of Wildlife Watching Concepts.

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CYPRUS by Jessica Harris


Birdlife was not the only wildlife we got to view in Cyprus. A personal highlight for me was getting close to a colony of Fruit Bats (Rousettus aegyptiacus). These bats were surprisingly large and I think it is a wonderful species for Cyprus to possess and protect. We also saw the largest native mammal found in the country which is the Moufflon (Ovis gmelini ophion), a unique species of wild sheep found only in Cyprus […]
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Skalanes, Iceland by Nick Lindsay

The group looking for reindeer above Skalanes

Dropping down to lower levels, Bjarki showed us a unique circular structure, locally known as ‘the Secret Circle’, around 10m in diameter, with walls of grassed turf, standing around a meter high. In Scotland, I would have identified it comfortably as a hut circle, dating to the Iron Age, around 2000 years ago. In Iceland, however, it is generally regarded that the first colonisers were the Vikings in the 9th Century, so the circle remains a conundrum. Walking the remaining short distance back to Skalanes through exclusive lupin territory, the tern colony took to the skies and we reflected on a beautiful day out in wild Iceland back at the centre. […]
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Wildlife watching Iceland 2012 Lenore Forrester

The sense of community spirit was strong in the neighbouring village that we visited and I was particularly impressed with a project which involved the entire community, from all backgrounds and all age groups. In a gallery above a cafe was a wall covered in named photos of people from the village. Then there were video screens around the room at which you could sit and watch and listen to these people tell you about something from their past, present or their hopes for the future. These informal interviews, scattered with anecdotes and visions from any and all who wished to take part, would become an important part of this village’s history. This is a wonderful, yet simple idea to capture moments in time and involve a large number of people. This is an idea that I would like to pass on to my children and grandchildren, as an example of how a small community can be brought closer and can work together to create such an effective, entertaining and informative record of life at any particular time . It could be just as effective within a family situation or a work situation. […]
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Wildlife Watching in Iceland

Group near Skalaness

Group near Skalaness

6th June – 10th June 2012

This wildlife watching visit to Iceland was based at Skalanes which is located at the entrance to a fjord over 9km from the nearest village on the eastern coast of Iceland. Skalanes is an old renovated farmhouse traditionally used for eider down farming. It now hosts groups from other parts of […]
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