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A Country Festival In Rimet, Romania

Festival at Rimet

Travelling to Rîmeţ from our hotel in Aiud took first through the town on a fairly decent road out into the countryside. After only a few miles the road narrowed and became a rough unmetalled road with many ruts and pot-holes. It wound its way up through trees where people foraged for mushrooms, through cultivated […]
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Rîmeţ village, Alba County, Romania by Bob Turner

Cooking at Rimet

Festivals for Informal Learning(FILE) Report on visit by Scottish group to Rîmeţ village, Alba County, Romania 3-9 July 2014

Introduction- The aim of this report is to offer some individual insights arising from the above visit that provided many special opportunities for informal learning that could not have been acquired by any means other than […]
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Festivals for Informal Learning in Europe (FILE)

The people of the local communities were smartly dressed in their traditional black and white, embroidered costumes. Many of the menfolk wore splendid hats – some wore the traditional black Astrakhan hat, others a type of bowler hat and many others a trilby. Each commune’s tent was decorated inside with local crafts, furniture, produce and wonderfully vibrant woven fabrics. […]
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