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Bulgaria - 'the oldest country in Europe'


The Tryavna woodcarving museum held a storytelling event combined with a workshop, which aimed to educate children about particular traditions before teaching them a skill. This combination of theatre and practical activity was mentioned by the curator of ETARA, as in many cases dance or theatre productions such as the one held there usually invite the audience to join in a dance at the end of the performance. In this way both the story and the craft, or dance is passed on. I think this could be successful in Scotland as storytelling is already very popular. It could be used to encourage sharing of stories, passing on of crafts, or as a way to introduce people to learning a particular dance or song. Similarly, the curator at ETARA described how they used games to teach children about cultural traditions. These were taught informally by children’s parents rather than museum staff so they could learn through play. […]
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