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Maramures - Romania 2013


“As an archaeologist in Scotland it’s rare for a craft undertaken in modern society that can transport you so directly into the past, which is what I experienced when we visited the pottery in Sacel. The area was typical of many Romanian villages/towns, a mix of traditional wooden construction and modern breezeblock buildings. As with […]
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Bulgaria - 'the oldest country in Europe'


The Tryavna woodcarving museum held a storytelling event combined with a workshop, which aimed to educate children about particular traditions before teaching them a skill. This combination of theatre and practical activity was mentioned by the curator of ETARA, as in many cases dance or theatre productions such as the one held there usually invite the audience to join in a dance at the end of the performance. In this way both the story and the craft, or dance is passed on. I think this could be successful in Scotland as storytelling is already very popular. It could be used to encourage sharing of stories, passing on of crafts, or as a way to introduce people to learning a particular dance or song. Similarly, the curator at ETARA described how they used games to teach children about cultural traditions. These were taught informally by children’s parents rather than museum staff so they could learn through play. […]
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Estonia 2013 Chist Report

Adults on the swing

On the Tuesday morning outside Hotel Dzingig in the Tallinn suburbs the whole party were to be found playing on the swing. Hotel Dzingig was originally built to house construction workers in the 1970s and was later converted into a concrete monolith of a hotel. It stands 9 stories high in the suburbs amongst pine trees and domestic dwellings. It is comfortable and welcoming but not in any way ‘fancy’. In the green space at the back beside the carpark is a swing. We do not have swings like this in Scotland – swings for adults. […]
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“Who Are The Estonians” and “What Do The Estonians Believe”

Joanne Howdle Curator of Caithness Horizons Museum Estonia Report

Cultural Heritage Interpretation and Sustainable Tourism:

Estonia Exchange Programme 2013

Background To The Exchange


Musicians Old Hansa

The Cultural Heritage Interpretation and Sustainable Tourism or CHIST exchange programme aims to develop the skills of Scottish professionals who train or coach others in […]
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‘positively crazy people’ to make things change for the better.

Estonia report – Rachel Hunter, June 2013


At the beginning of June 2013 I was lucky enough to participate in a CHIST 2 (Cultural Heritage Interpretation and Sustainable Tourism) study trip to Estonia, funded through Leonardo da Vinci and promoted by ARCH in Scotland. I travelled with Issie MacPhail, Catriona MacLeod, Joanne Howdle, […]
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Smuaintean Neach-Ealain Traidiseanta Ghàidhlig

Ro-Ràdh/Introduction- The Musings of a Gaelic Traditional Arts Deliverer/ Smuaintean Neach-Ealain Traidiseanta Ghàidhlig

Fiona J McKenzie Estonia

Maarika Toomel and Fiona J McKenize

This trip was organised and funded by:

Arch Network, a Scottish Non Government Organisation promoting learning and development in natural and cultural heritage between Scotland and other European countries […]
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Eastern Slovakia: A Little, Big Country


Report by Stefan Sagrott NTS

Between the 9th and 16th June 2013, I took part on the ‘Leonardo da Vinci’ funded CHIST exchange to Eastern Slovakia. Organised by the ARCH network in Scotland, and hosted by Krajina in Slovakia the objective of the trip was to ‘promote a reciprocal transfer and application of […]
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‘I had thought I was travelling into history. I had forgotten that history moves on’

Cultural Heritage Interpretation and Sustainable Tourism in Eastern Slovakia 9th-16th June 2013

Catherine Dagg, contracting archaeologist, Wester Ross, Scotland

Svidnik in Eastern Slovakia is quite a shock to the sensitive cultural heritage tourist, particularly one fresh from the remoter parts of the Highlands of Scotland and filled with preconceptions about vernacular architecture, folk traditions and […]
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Castles and Corn Dollies

Slovakia 2013

Donald Mackenzie


This trip courtesy of the EU Leonardo Programme and the ARCH Network in Scotland has proved to be inspirational from both the Slovakian end but also in strengthening relationships within Scotland.

The organisation of the Study Visit exceeded expectations and the personal, professional contacts have […]
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Turf Building in Iceland

Keeping traditional skills alive is complex – do you encourage house owners to develop their own skills, perhaps at the cost of the knowledge gained by specialisation / professionalism, or do you focus on traditional craftsmen? In the past there was a cultural relationship between work, land and living and people would engage with a building over its lifetime, this is no longer always the case. The more mobile and transient nature of people in relation to space may have influenced this leaving people to seek information from remaining experts such as Helgi which may not be a genuine reflection of keeping skills alive. […]
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