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Sustainable Energy in Slovenia 10-17 Oct 2011 - Visit Report from JMW


JMW Visit Report 11-027-01 – Slovenia – Oct11

Attached PDF is my visit report.  It’s a little longer than I had planned, but I found that there was so much to say that I had to include it all!  I have also completed the online questionnaire.  Please let me know if there is anything else […]
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Iceland Report

This year’s visit to Skálanes, East Iceland provided an excellent opportunity to explore similarities (and differences) between the land, nature and cultures of Iceland and Scotland. There are many common themes between the two countries: similar areas of geology; similar species and habitats and similar common heritage between the peoples of both. Both countries share common issues and threats to their cultural and natural heritage: depopulation of rural areas; exploitation of natural resources; invasive species; restoration and management of healthy natural and semi-natural ecosystems; ecosystem services and a changing climate. […]
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Latvia Biosfera

Arch Nature exchange to Latvia 3rd to the 10th June 2011 A journey to Europe’s Eastern edge By Shireen Chambers, ICF Julia Galley, SNH Ian Edwards, RBGE John Adair, SNH Patrick Robertson, FCS (report editor) On our recent exchange to Latvia we were taken on a journey that not only allowed us a glimpse at some of the wonderful natural highlights fund in the country but also afforded us a view into the collective memory of the Latvian people – in the museums and cultural sites we visited but also more significantly through the tales and experiences that were passed on to us by our host and the range of locals that we met on our journey from the beavers chewing the trees in the charming capital Riga through former Soviet bunkers numerous stunning woodlands and lakes, to the very edge of Europe. What follows is a series of essays from members of our group affording a glimpse into our thoughts following one gloriously sunny week in early June. […]
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Old Growth Forests, Birds, Bogs and Beavers in Finland

Old Growth Forests, Birds, Bogs and Beavers in Finland Few would dispute the adage that “travels broadens the mind”. Most of us find that experiencing new places and other cultures provides us with new insights. These experiences often help us to see our own environment in a new light. This is the principle which […]
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