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Cara Jones’ Turkey Report

Gobekli Tepe 12000 years old

This exchange was invaluable to my work in Scotland, for not only did it clearly demonstrate the importance of maintaining the cultural heritage (and with that the cultural identity) of local residents, it reaffirmed to me the importance of engaging with visitors and the local community to safeguard and preserve archaeological sites. I believe in Scotland we almost take for granted that tourists come here, sometimes too solely to see heritage sites (for example Orkney but also evocative places such as Bannockburn). Yet to maintain sustainable tourism, regions need to have the required infrastructure in place (such as hotels and tour guides) to accommodate visitors – something which we also take for granted in Scotland, but became very clear throughout the exchange. […]
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Gaziantep Classes in Sustainable Tourism by Bridget Turnbull


You can’t cook good food without the basic raw ingredients. One of the staggering things to me was the abundance of fantastically fresh produce whose quality and flavour were breath taking. Armfuls of parsley, mint and salad vegetables were sold in the local market. We passed people cropping what nature gave both cultivated and wild such as stinging nettles. The diversity and variety of plants used and used in ways that were alien to us was a revelation. We use thyme as an herb, but there it was made into an infusion and drunk. We quickly became converts of thyme tea – try it! We use stinging nettles in the UK to make soup, but there they were dried and used as a seasoning. It challenged my thinking and made me realise how little wild plants we used now. […]
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Turkey, a country which understands the value of tradition.


Gradually our traditional textile and craft skills have fallen by the wayside as other industries have replaced them. My visit to Turkey has confirmed to me that Auchindrain has a responsibility to keep these skills alive and not confined to the history books. From farm to fork Turkish foods are healthy and wholesome; in this they can teach us a lot. Auchindrain, working with partners, can show young people the benefits of such a regime, where our food comes from and how all this might fit in a historical context. I look forward to sharing my experiences with my colleagues and looking at ways in which I can incorporate, with renewed enthusiasm, food and crafts into future cultural projects and events at Auchindrain. […]
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A Panorama of Civilisation - Study Visit Report

Essentially, this trip was to focus on the sustainable tourism of the area, to look especially at how the local produce and cuisine has emerged as a cultural identifier for the region. However, the scope of the trip proved much broader than this, encompassing elements such as history (10,000BC – 20th century!) music, traditional dance, handicrafts, architecture, museums and interpretive processes, agriculture, commerce and the function of NGOs. This meant we experienced a very comprehensive and exciting programme. […]
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