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Siân Loftus’s Iceland Report


“The excellent programme combined lectures and open discussion on the legislative, financial and philosophical aspects of building conservation with practical, hands-on experience. There were opportunities to see the application of a variety of approaches to building conservation and repair with visits to a number of buildings/sites. These visits also afforded the opportunity to see first-hand the tourism value of the sites and the impact of visitors on the sites….” […]
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Fornverkaskolinn, Iceland by Fiona Jackson


I found it particularly useful and felt very privileged to take part in this initiative as a community-based participant, because I was able to learn so much from the many professionals in the heritage and tourism sectors. In future programmes, perhaps it would be worthwhile encouraging the participation of third sector participants alongside the different professionals in order to provide a range of diverse perspectives and to encourage the transfer of knowledge and networking between the various sectors – perhaps a partnership with the Scottish Council for Voluntary Organisations could be developed? There will never be a ‘conclusion’ to my Iceland CHIST visit, just a pause for thought and reflection, then new growth and development. Many thanks to the funders and organisers for such a wonderful opportunity! […]
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Iceland’s stone, turf and timber dwellings

Turf and Stone

ICELAND 10th – 17th June 2012

CHIST ( Cultural Heritage Interpretation and Sustainable Tourism)

This hands on programme is based in the town of Skagafjörður in the north of Iceland. Bryndis Zoega the project manager at Fornverkaskólinn Heritage Craft School will be our host and guide during the week. Participants will see examples of how […]
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